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Discover Rose Salt - Pure, Mild, Rich in Minerals & Flavor

Rose Salt, this speckled pink jewel of the Bolivian Andes gets its gorgeous and distinctive color from its high iron content. For more than 3 million years, a layer of volcanic lava has covered these rose salt deposits – protecting them from pollution, preserving their pure taste and infusing this pink salt with essential minerals. Now, Bolivian Rose Salt is hand-harvested and hand-processed, making this ancient treasure from the Andes Mountain Range in Bolivia available in your kitchen and on your table.

The rich, pure taste of Bolivian Rose Salt matches its elegant and intriguing appearance. As stunning as Rose Quartz, a clear salt-grinder bearing these sparkling crystals will turn your everyday meal into an unforgettable event. Rose Salt is the perfect complement to gourmet meals and an instant way to add pizzazz that transforms the taste and appearance of ordinary recipes into special, impressive dishes.

Rose Salt contains many essential minerals including iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. In addition, Rose Salt has less sodium per serving than other salts. Simply replacing regular salt with Rose Salt in your cooking and on your table allows you to get most of your daily allowance of these essential minerals and lower your sodium intake without changing your diet.

This versatile and delicious rose salt will enhance the flavor of all your favorite dishes – without overpowering them.  Unlike ordinary table salt, Rose Salt isn’t treated with chemicals or additives so it delivers a pure, all-natural taste without the “bite” or unpleasant aftertaste of many other salts.

Try Rose Salt:

  • In all of your favorite poultry, fish, meat and vegetable dishes
  • On fresh citrus fruits for a tangy, healthy treat
  • As a beautiful complement to strawberry or other flavored margaritas
  • On pretzels, in saltwater taffy or other sweet & salty treats
  • On your table in a an elegant, clear salt-mill

Ancient cultures have known the precious value of pure, crystalline salt for many centuries.  Recently, Europeans have rediscovered this delicious and healthy alternative to processed salts.  Now you too can experience the smooth, sublime taste and health benefits that make Rose Salt the crown jewel of the Bolivian Andes.

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